We all have our own versions or definition of what leadership is or does, don’t we? And none of it is wrong, it just is. We take from our experience and we shape our thoughts into words that we think fit the description. As we move into a new precipice of life I don’t feelContinue reading “Leadership”

The Wheel of Life

The medicine wheel is a teaching tool that Native Americans indians have used for a long time. But some of us, myself included, its knowledge and teachings have been lost to Western thinking and teachings. I began to learn about the medicine wheel about twenty years ago and I am now in my forties. TheContinue reading “The Wheel of Life”

It’s a thinking thing

If we don’t realize that it’s time to change how we think to create “real” change in society- we should. It’s a matter of thought. We can all do it. It doesn’t cost anything. And even if we start by doing it for our own self, it’s a beginning. It creates a pattern. A newContinue reading “It’s a thinking thing”

The better part of now

There is a concept that is well used in society and it includes three parts. They are; the future, the past, and the present. These concepts give people the illusion of time. And that time is separate and that it separates everything that happens to us. But in reality it is our memories that separateContinue reading “The better part of now”