We can be heros

I recently watched a video from Jamie Wheal that put into context of, “being and doing what you love and aspire.” Now, if you look you can find Jamie Wheal’s videos on Youtube or visit his Facebook page. He is famous for the Flow Genome Project documentary and the Hack the Flow videos that youContinue reading “We can be heros”

Upwards and Onwards

  Never say die. Now that is some gold right there, a positive attitude. We all need to create the mindset that will get us over a slump from time to time. It’s just common sense. Today, the blog is about writing. Oh yes, writing. I’ve taken the plunge into a book once more, withContinue reading “Upwards and Onwards”

More is better

Hey! So, I can’t get over how easy some recipes can be. If you are interested in getting more healthy, cutting down on carbs and just eating better, here is something that is all of that. Chia seeds are packed with fiber, iron and calcium. They have the essential omega 3 fatty acids that areContinue reading “More is better”


Anyone that knows me knows that I love fast and easy food recipes that are inexpensive (almost always!) and that are healthy for you. So, in case you have never heard of coconut yogurt, you are in luck. I brought a video to show you just how easy it is to make. While it doesContinue reading “Co..co..coconut!!”