Luck vs. Fate

Is life random? Or is there a much more divine design? What do you believe? How has your life unfolded up until now? Think about it. Doesn’t it blow you away?

I used to think that luck played a part in my life. It was when those acts of “just happening” at the right time took place. But now that I am older, that has faded. I think luck can still be part of our story, but it’s more about creating our own luck. And I think we do it by how we think.

Fate on the other hand is the grander design, to me. It’s the big picture. But even fate is created by what we do on a daily basis. We can waiver fate at any moment by shifting how we think and what we feel and do. It’s never a clear path to one sort of life. To me, I think that’s so exciting. I also believe passion plays a role in fate as well. It’s that ‘thing’ that calls to us on a daily or weekly basis that we draw strength from. It widens our playing field so that we can create more of what we draw in from passion. They say that the hearts’ magnetic field is a hundred times more stronger than our brain. So passion is our heart. It’s that thing we love. It makes us beautiful. It makes us attractive. It creates energy.

When I was growing up I didn’t understand any of this. And I suppose we learn what we are supposed to learn at certain points in life based on our thought process. I didn’t grow up in the healthiest environments. I had a hard start to life. But no matter where life took me, I was determined to figure out what my life meant. I wanted to see its purpose. Its design. Now I am here and I love that I am here. I get to understand. I get to see. There was a process. I never really understood that until recently. And there’s a certain amount of freedom to it. It’s revealing. You kind of take a step back and go, “wow!” And then you do it again, and again.

I do believe we create luck and we also create fate, but fate is like the big goals we think up as young kids or adults. Life is always changing. So it should be that our big goals should as well. I don’t think life should be nailed down because we get stuck along the way. The getting stuck only causes confusion and frustration, including disappointment. It’s nice to have goals. It’s also nice to have fun while getting to your goals. I think that some of us are too hard on ourselves. We become our biggest critics. This is where I think everyone needs to have a daily reminder on their wall or refrigerator that reads,”life might’ve gotten us today but tomorrow is another day to win.” Motivation is something I rely on a lot to get through a week. I think everyone needs it.

A good thing to remember is just because life isn’t happening how you want it now, doesn’t mean that it’s never going to happen.

Little by little, life teaches us to trust the process. This is what I have learned. So when I want to create luck, I run like the wind with my ideas until I can see them forming in the horizon. And if I never see them (after a long while!) I just say to myself, “well, that probably wasn’t meant for me now.” Time has a way of showing us where we are in life, respectfully. And I honour that by understanding what times is teaching me. I trust my heart will show me in time. If not now, then tomorrow.

I just wanted to share that…I hope you enjoyed!

Published by Native Stylez

Hi there! My name is Valerie a.k.a Native Stylez. This is my home on the internet where I post blogs about everything from my childhood memories to my views on the world. I enjoy photography, reading non fiction, researching, cooking, family time, astrology, and tea.

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