Ultimatums and the Goo!

What is the goo? Well, I’ll tell you my version of the goo, but first let’s get this blog started. I recently listened to an Allan Watts audio session and was hit with an interesting fact of my own.

One definition of ultimatum is as follows,

a final demand or statement of terms, the rejection of which will result in retaliation or a breakdown in relations.

The other interesting word that came up for me was expectation. Now this is a word that has stuck with me since learning of Neile Donald Walsch some years back. He is the man who wrote, Conversation with God A Uncommon Dialogue. There’s about four books in total. There’s even a movie about his life and how it came to be.

Now there are a few examples of the definition of expectation,

1a. a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.

1b. a belief that someone will or should achieve something.

To me, an expectation is something that still has yet to form, to manifest. It’s not a reality. It isn’t tangible. So let’s continue…


There was a moment and I don’t know if you have ever had this happen where it felt as if a light went off in your mind. Well, that’s basically what it felt like for me. I sat there completing a task as I listened to audio segment and it just hit me!

That’s me!!

I realized that I have walked through life with nothing but ultimatums and expectations. I had these demands of the Universe, of my higher power to meet somehow. I said this, I said that. You know? I mean it’s crazy how, even though a part of me knew this, that it wasn’t completely in my face on the daily. But it certainly didn’t miss me the other day. It slammed right into me! And I couldn’t shake it. So I thought to myself, “I need to blog about this.” So here I am.


So now comes the goo. What is the goo, you ask? Well, this is how I see it.

In life, we know, that things can either go one or two ways. Right or wrong. Now right or wrong is an individual concept, thought, or idea. There are no two identical, rarely. But for me, my right had to do with success and satisfaction. I nailed it down to those two ideas. My success was my satisfaction. And in some cases (where disappointment was met) it wasn’t a success but rather a flop. Not everything is design to delight us all the time. But we learn through it. Of course, the ultimatums and expectations are still attached to some of the success and satisfaction. And I found that some of them are unhealthy ideas to hang onto. For one, I’ve to come to realize that they can slow you down. They can stunt the imagination from expanding to other ideas or goals to reach. This is mainly due to them being a belief in some way. You believe you should receive this or that, or achieve this or that. It’s kind of like trying to fit a square into a star peg. Certainly early in life this is what it felt like for me. Of course, being young, I didn’t know that this is what I was doing.


What seem to follow these ideas were the actions behind them. We all know that actions are how anything starts in life. One of the things I didn’t know about early on was a need to control how things played out in my life. Or how some of us allow it to consume us. Achieving or winning can really cloud one’s judgement in any matter. It is almost like a one track train barreling down in one direction to reach a destination. That train will knock anything in its way to get to where it is going. Of course, we don’t look at our lives and say, “oh yeah I like doing that!” We don’t, in most instances, even realize that we are doing that. We just think we are running after a goal, a dream, or an idea.

Here are some definitions of our words,

Success = a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity.  or

the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Satisfaction = fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this.  


what is felt to be owed or due to one, especially in reparation of an injustice or wrong.

Control = to dominate, to test, to exercise, to command, to direct (any of these words would suffice)

Consume = to destroy or expend, to devour, to spend wastefully, to absorb (any of these all carry the same meaning) 


But you know what I have to say what my gut is telling me? To slow down. That we need to slow down, people need to slow down and take a look around. But sadly we aren’t wired to slow down, not in today’s economy. We are trained to go full steam ahead with our ideas, thoughts, and goals if we want that end result.

If you want to watch the Allan Watts video, I will leave it here.

Life today is about something else. A new road, a new direction for my thoughts. First off, to be able to sit with my thoughts long enough to decide whether if that’s what I really want or not. And I believe that if we really want something in life, our heart tells us. Have you ever felt attracted to an idea or thing so much and you didn’t know why? You just knew it had to be part of your life. Well, this is like that.

The heart is an amazing organ that not a lot of people understand fully. Read a little of it here.

So with everything I have decided to live in remembrance of who I really am. What I really am because it is a true blessing. I’m not just flesh and bone. I am more. I won’t rush or push so hard that my mind is exhausted. I want to be able to just flow.

What is flow?

the action or fact of moving along in a steady, continuous stream.

When you think of water in a river you automatically see it running, or flowing in one direction. It never stops. It just rolls along with no real effort. Water is an amazing teacher.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this blog, please share it if you feel inclined to do so. Thanks for reading!

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