Going into Eighteen

Another year older…and wiser. What a journey! But we’re not done yet. There’s still loads of laughter, friendship, food, and road trips to explore. I’ll be honest my solo journey this past year has had its challenges and hardships but I wouldn’t trade any of it. There’s a lot to still learn, more to grow into, and things to adapt to. The lessons, the hurdles and the triumphs. I’m going for it!



Albeit, there is somewhat of a downside to a solo life. (I say solo because I dislike the word ‘single’ because it’s too harsh.) In saying that, I’ve had to be my own man sort of speak. No, I didn’t have to fix a leaky faucet or anything of that nature but in others ways I’ve had to do life by myself. I hate that that just sounded so bad and as if I had just grown a brain this year. NO! That is not what I meant. What I meant was that life is also full of business, commerce, and all those joys we’ve come to know as money management. Now that’s me. But I will say that this first year as solo that this was my learning curve. Year two should be a bit easier. Next year should be close to a walk in the park. I’m not predicting that I will remain solo until next year but who knows?


So without a Jamie Lannister by my side to yield a sword for me, life has had its challenges. But luckily I’ve had some good life training along the way to be able to exercise my own style of justice. And besides…when that fails I have my sister who would gladly take the Jamie role if she had to, lol. And she could be badder than Cersei Lannister if it came to it. I’m kidding! I wouldn’t want to see that for real. But I’ll give her that she is relentless. And we’ll leave it at that.

But this whole part of life is helping my find my footing. I’m blessed for that. We never know why life puts us through certain circumstances but one day, we find out. I have to say that the grander design of my life is unfolding perfectly. Even though there are days where I just want to scream. It’s okay. I’m okay. I got air in my lungs, legs to walk, eyes to see, a mouth to talk…I’m good.


I do have to say that all of my self learning with yoga, body health, diet, self care, and any of my wild experimentations that I’ve been involved in has played a role in this transition. I don’t know where I’d be without any of it?

And one of the things that I am so grateful for is the friends I have made a long the way. There’s only really one person who keeps my life as light as a feather and she is a wonderful gift from God. Super light on her feet and witty. She makes life fun. She reminds me that even though times can be tough, I am stronger. And of course, my sister who has been my rock through this year. She is super supportive, she deserves an award that’s how good she is.


So going into the two thousand eighteen year, I think is going to be fun. I have lots planned such as a trip to New York sometime this spring maybe even early summer. You know so yeah, it’s going to be pretty exciting. But one of the dreams and don’t ask why is to travel and visit San Francisco. Something about the area that just pulls at my heart, you know? It’s actually not only a dream of mine but my sisters as well. So who better to plan a trip with to that area than with her.




You know when actors or artists stand up on a podium or in front of a microphone to give their two minute speil? I can see why it is so hard for them to remember everyone in those few minutes when the clock is ticking. I’d be the same way. There are countless people right now that I would have to thank for this experience I call life. I’d never remember everyone because each one somehow made this possible, even in the tiniest of ways. It’s really unbelievable and so surreal. Life as hard as it can be is truly a gift.

There isn’t a manual for living, although, there have been people all around the world who claim they know the secret to great living through the books they’ve written. It’s just one version at a perspective. It’s not the secret. Maybe a part of the secret and I believe life is like a great giant puzzle and we walk through life where we keep finding the pieces that fit who we are at the time. And this puzzle can also change through different stages of life, so it’s never the same puzzle. It’s the great wonder of life. It’s something to find the fun in, a place to create the memories good and the not-so-great. We are promised nothing. We each create as we go. This has been my experience so far.


To end this blog I want to add that my plan for this year of life is to work on a book. Yes, I am putting my writing to the test and seeing what comes out on the fiction side. I have a lead character who I am feeling out at this time. But I hope to get to know her and do my best to shape her. I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now and oddly could never find the moments. So I’m letting her breathe, I’m giving birth to her so to speak. Let’s see how she does. It’s a big adventure but so far, it’s a fun one.

Wish me luck! Maybe I will leave an excerpt here if we are feeling it.

Again, as always, thanks for reading my blog and taking this time to join me here. I hope you have a fantastic day and a superb weekend or week whatever the case may be at this time for you.

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Hi there! My name is Valerie a.k.a Native Stylez. This is my home on the internet where I post blogs about everything from my childhood memories to my views on the world. I enjoy photography, reading non fiction, researching, cooking, family time, astrology, and tea.

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