Good intentions

We talk…alot. We are forever talking. And most of what we talk about is filled with intentions. Our aspirations, our dreams, our goals, our to-do lists, our plans for the week, or our thoughts and opinions of family, friends or colleagues. We’re always looking to the brighter side. But is there really a bright side?

Here is where I am going with this.

The quote that writes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, is an outstanding metaphor that reads more than one message to me.


First off, my version of hell is very different than most. I don’t believe that hell is a place in the afterlife. I know this is a morbid subject to discuss or even read about. So if it bothers you, stop reading.

No, to me, hell is right here and right now. It is that dark space in your mind where you torture yourself with your thoughts and memories. It causes pain, grief, terror, and a slew of other dark emotions that are very unpleasant to feel. So when we have good intentions and we fail to follow through because of this or that, we feel awful. We get down on ourselves. We punish ourselves. And we do a lot of damage in this process. The worst part of this type of treatment is that we are doing it to our own self. I find that when this happens, it takes more time to heal because it goes untreated for too many years because we are not good at looking at our own faults. Most times it becomes an endless cycle of upset and disappointments because we are not looking in the right directions out of fear. But the truth is, we can only get better if we dare to look within, it requires strength. So no matter what we plan, no matter how well we want things to turn out in what we say. There is a high change that they won’t. Why?



If action is not part of your intentions, you will suffer. Plain and simple. You will constantly be disappointed in what you say because you failed to follow through with your words. So all the good intentions you have for yourself, your friends, your colleagues, or family is useless unless you decide to act.

I recently watch a documentary with Tony Robbins, I’m Not Your Guru, and in it he has a woman make a phone call right on the spot as the camera is rolling. As a viewer, my thoughts were, “whoa that is intense.” And the lady made the call. I admired her strength and her determination for change in her life. You see, sometimes, I think we give ourselves too much time to think “about it.” And it does no good. Case in point, the lady in the documentary who waited to say the things she wanted to say to the other person but never did. Giving ourselves the time to think it over ruins it. We slowly talk ourselves out of it and soon it just gets put on the back burner. And some of us have a back burner to the back burner.


This is something we cannot get away from. The only thing we can do is to either face it or run from it. Sadly, many of us run from it.

The definition of the word intention is; to aim or to plan. A goal or an achievement. It’s that thing that has not yet been seen or done. You can’t see it, you can’t feel it, you can’t hear it…nothing. It has yet to manifest. So you can see how we can easily lose it. But if it is a huge enough desire for us to see and feel in our lives, there’s a good chance we can make it happen. Again, action is a key word to any intention. If we do not act on our words, our words can be lost to a host of negative emotions.


The best we can do is work our own program, our own agenda for our own life. If someone likes what they see in us, perhaps they will pick up the habits because it is after all, how we learn. We mimic what we like. We invest time into adapting. It sort of makes it easier if we really look at it. Why try so hard? Because when we try to help others with our intentions, we push it (them) away. And when it doesn’t work….we feel like we failed. And that road is just another go round of events that are similar to the last experience.

So while it is nice that we have good intentions for others or ourselves, we must act. There is no way around it. And we’ll always have goals, we’ll always want something in life. It might short term, long term, small or large goals/dreams. But nothing can happen with out action. The best we can do is live life learning how to shift our perspective from the old into a healthier way to living life. Small steps can lead to big things if we have patience. This has been my experience.

Thanks for reading.

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