The Wheel of Life

The medicine wheel is a teaching tool that Native Americans indians have used for a long time. But some of us, myself included, its knowledge and teachings have been lost to Western thinking and teachings. I began to learn about the medicine wheel about twenty years ago and I am now in my forties. The loss was due to many things. Most of it of was due to the residential schools that were set up in the early 1900’s that forced native children to be sent away from home and parents for up to ten years for some. Most schools were a travel away from their natural settings, sometimes taking a whole day of travel.

It took a toll on families. It broke what was sacred. The family bond.

Today, many are rebuilding their lives after the loss. We are finally re-learning our culture, taking up our sacred ceremonies, and regaining our identities. But there are those who see the traditions of the people and will not resort to it because of what they have been taught about it. That it is wrong and it does not belong. I was fortunate to have grown up with both lifestyles through my parents. My mother practiced the church ( as a former student of residential school) and my father who practiced traditional living. I still didn’t know anything about the medicine wheel as a kid because my parents never knew about it either. And if they did, they never spoke of it. Most of what I learned I had to learn or find on my own as an adult. I had to carve my way to understanding who I was and why my life was the way it was.

What I found out much later in life was why the medicine wheel was a sacred symbol to Native Americans. I found that not only was the circle a symbol for us, but also the Chinese and other nationalities. So I researched some of it. And I found that the wheel represents “time.” Different eras and centuries. Hindu’s believe that time moves in cycles and it’s made up of four cycles. Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwarpa Yuga, and Kali Yuga. Satya Yuga is the longest period and Kali Yuga is the shortest. If you look at the wheel, Satya Yuga would represent the White part of the wheel and Kali Yuga would represent the Red part of the wheel. They believe when time is in Kali Yuga, everything is dense, thick and particles are closer together. It also affects the mind the same way. Our minds are flooded with no room for magic, so to speak. But every year we move away further and further away from this time. We become open. We feel free. Imaginations are flowing. Creativity flourishes. We (as its said) are slowly exiting the Red into the Black part (west) of the wheel, the Dwarpa Yuga. You may have noticed it in your own circles of family, friends or community. Things are becoming different, opinions are changing, lifestyles are uprooting, views are more open, and the thought of family is something different. You see it in the animal kingdom as well. Different animals accepting other species as friends and creating bonds. It’s a beautiful thing.

I brought the photo in to demonstrate what my blog was about today, I hope you like it.

So as we move further and further away from the bottom part of the wheel (the most dense) everything will begin to change day by day, month by month, year by year because this is how life works. It moves, it flows always counter clockwise. It will never go backward, always forward. The Hopi people believe that we are moving toward the Blue Star in the sky. Scientists call this star, Sirius. It is said that as time moves forward we (Earth) will get closer and closer to this star and it will bring about a new Energy. A different kind of Energy. It will represent peace and love for thousands of years.

I listened to a teacher, an elder who spoke of time during a ceremony last year. And he explained that Anishnabe people, the ones who still carry the knowledge, believe that time is not linear. It’s non linear, dimensional. He taught us this so that we could understand a certain ceremony that was to be performed that evening, the shaking tent ceremony. He told us the three dimensions, the past, the present and the future exist all right now. And that everything is right now. We have access to all of it all the time. But there are some of us who do not yet understand this and still need further instructions. So as I think of this, I believe that the dense-ness of the time we are in prevents this particular knowledge from us. So I think as individuals we all need to practice a way of living that helps us move with this new Energy that is on its way. I believe that small steps can be taken day by day as to not overload ourselves with feelings of overwhelm-ness. Some of us need to work on our health, some of us need to work on our attitude and our psyche ( the mind.) The medicine wheel represents the four parts of the human being, the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual. These are the areas that we must attend to every day–equally. For if we do not, we become imbalanced and things in our life become too much and we feel it. It could be our health, it could be our feelings or the way we are thinking. Only we know what is wrong and only we can make that correction. One of the ways that I have come to understand how to do this is by using the 7 Sacred Teachings. Love, Respect, Humility, Bravery, Courage, Wisdom, and Honesty. I had to be honest with myself about my life to start any corrections. When I began this everything else followed, all the other teachings followed. So it’s been an amazing transformation especially mentally. My views on life today are a far cry than what they were ten, twenty years ago.

This is my understanding and I thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


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