My next blog post may have you wondering about it. I titled it vampires because I want to express some thoughts on it. Now we all have seen vampires movies since forever. They all have a general theme. Sucking blood. Sometimes you find that the main vampire is almost always a looker. It’s a hook, I mean who would watch a vampire who wasn’t good looking? But enough about that. Here’s what I wanted to say, that vampires are real. They exist among us! Before I lose you let me explain what I mean. The vampires that I am talking about called “energy vampires.” Although I could be metaphorically speaking, I really wouldn’t be. And here is why. As humans, if we look at ourselves in terms of energy, because that’s what we are. We are vibrating energy all the time. Every single moment of our existence. You could see that we are pure energy inside a human body. So where do the vampires come in? Well, we probably all know at least one person who carries a lot of negative energy around. Maybe it’s a co-worker, an uncle, or the girl at your favourite coffee shop- I don’t know? But somewhere. And it is someone who knows us usually. Because we converse with them, maybe not every day but maybe once a week or every other week. And you’ll notice this if you pay attention. You’ll know who energy vampires are. But every once in a while we will get caught up with them and what happens is, they won’t suck your blood of course. But if you look at your blood as your life source, and your life source running through you is energy, you get the picture. They are sucking your energy, hence the blood sucking idea of Holywood. I know it’s sounds weird! But it’s true. Have you ever walked away from a conversation where it just drained to have that conversation with a certain person? I know I have. Which it’s why it’s important for us to have ways to replenish our energy. It can be music. It can an inspirational CD. Or a funny movie. Something that releases that negative energy off and away from us because negative energy can fester. If it stays in our minds and we give our energy it will eat away at us. And if you look at your thoughts as “being energy” because that’s what they are, then you can see the picture. Of course some energy vampires don’t know what they are, they just think they are living life. They don’t intentionally (most anyways) set out to hurt or damage people. They just don’t know any other way of seeing life. You know. They’ve probably had their share of things that went wrong in life and so they walk around thinking negatively about stuff and life. But again, there might be those who know what they are and do and they do it anyways. Those people you have to be careful of, they are true vampires who thrive on misery, anger, sadness and all those negative emotions. And maybe we know someone like that as well. In any case, we have to be careful. We have to learn to guard our “energy.” It’s important. If we want to feel good about life, about living, we must guard ourselves. I was once heard an elder who said, “I am not here to teach you how to manage your anger, you already know how to do that. I’m here to teach how to manage the other side of you, which is love.” It is our good side. It is the side of us that we’ve ignored for so long that we literally have to learn how to get good at. So when we learn to practice this new way and we start feeling good about life and living, we must take of it. We must watch out for vampires who can drain us. And we must know what to do after we’ve encountered them. I hope you’ve enjoyed that blog and thank you for reading!

Published by Native Stylez

Hi there! My name is Valerie a.k.a Native Stylez. This is my home on the internet where I post blogs about everything from my childhood memories to my views on the world. I enjoy photography, reading non fiction, researching, cooking, family time, astrology, and tea.

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